Oxygen from 0,60 Nm³/h - 12,90 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 93%

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IMT PO OnGo: Strong newcomer to the oxygen world

With the product line IMT PO OnGo, INMATEC offers economic entity models for the universal on-site generation of oxygen. Particular attention was paid to simple handling and robustness in the IMT PO OnGo series.

As usual in INMATEC, the processing and the materials used were decisive here. For us, "Made in Germany" applies.

The IMT PO OnGo oxygen generators have an analysis measurement as standard, which displays the oxygen content produced in a legible way. A true unique selling point in this price segment.

Your advantages

  • Oxygen at any time and at any place
  • Cost-effective through low operating costs
  • Sophisticated and reliable technology
  • Exact purity for every application
  • No rental commitments as with bottles/bundles and tank systems
  • No CO2 pollution for the environment
  • No hazardous goods
  • No risk of explosion
  • In-house placement and production

Scope of delivery: Programmable control with oxygen measurement, low maintenance stainless steel valve technology, long life zeolite molecular sieve.

Capacity (Nm³/h)        
  Oxygen purity (%): 90,0 92,0 93,0  
  IMT PO OnGo 1150 0,60 0,60 0,60  
  IMT PO OnGo 1250 1,20 1,10 1,10  
  IMT PO OnGo 1350 2,40 2,30 2,30  
  IMT PO OnGo 1450 3,60 3,50 3,30  
  IMT PO OnGo 2150 5,40 5,20 5,00  
  IMT PO OnGo 2350 8,90 8,50 8,10  
  IMT PO OnGo 3000 12,90 12,30 11,60  

All values are valid at 7 bar entry pressure and 20°C ambient temperature.