Oxygen from 0,50 Nm³/h - 2.000,00 Nm³/h
Oxygen purity up to 99,5%

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IMT PO PAN: The extra in oxygen production

INMATEC oxygen generators with PAN technology (Power As Needed) are some of the most energy-efficient generators worldwide for the in-house production of oxygen. Through the innovative INMATEC PAN procedure, the potential of the PSA technology is optimally used. This has the result that a constant oxygen quality with an extremely high degree of effectiveness can be guaranteed, even with a very cyclical oxygen demand. As a result, the compressed air demand could be drastically lowered.

Energy optimised oxygen production and the latest control technology and networking technology are the outstanding markers of the IMT PO PAN series. Even in the PAN series, all operating values are continually measured and monitored. All measured values are logged and can be monitored and remote controlled with the INMATEC Remote Control procedure both from any computer workstation and also from tablets and smartphones around the world.

The energy advantages and the seamless integration into the production process make the IMT PO PAN oxygen generators a real highlight in the world of in-house production.

Only available… at INMATEC!

IMT PO PAN Med: The extra in medical oxygen production

Energy optimised oxygen production for medical facilities and guaranteed constant oxygen quality are some of the unique advantages of the PAN Med series. The IMT PO PAN Med series was designed and developed in-house for the supply of oxygen in medical facilities according to the strictest quality management regulations of ISO 13485.

The IMT PO PAN Med series meets the international regulations on oxygen production in the medical sector.

Your advantages

  • Oxygen at any time and at any place
  • Cost-effective through low operating costs
  • Sophisticated and reliable technology
  • Exact purity for every application
  • No rental commitments as with bottles/bundles and tank systems
  • No CO2 pollution for the environment
  • No hazardous goods
  • No risk of explosion
  • In-house placement and production